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Why donate your surplus stock

By donating your surplus stock, not only do you save landfill, storage and handling costs, you can also claim tax relief (Corporation Tax and VAT relief), AND achieve social responsibility goals in reaching vulnerable and disadvantaged people.

Donate now and make an impact

Donor Story

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“Surplus can be a natural cycle of industry.”

“In our business crockery occasionally gets damaged and if one piece in a case gets broken in transit, unfortunately a whole case of twelve could be wasted. Giving this unbroken, excess stock to Giving World means we have a reliable and ethical partner to take our surplus.”
“We save the environment as well as storage and landfill costs. People experiencing poverty and social exclusion receive new essential items for free, helping them to get back on their feet. Why wouldn’t we help, it’s simply the right thing to do.”

Shelley Russell, one of the Sustainability Coordinators

Donor Story

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Otter House

“The Otter House Group is delighted to support such a worthwhile cause and to put residual stock that would otherwise have been destroyed, to good use. We hope to be able to continue to help Giving World for many years.”

Sarah Portman, Otter House Group
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Donor Story

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Child’s Play

“Giving World has provided Child’s Play with a simple and beneficial way to re-purpose surplus books and games. We’re thrilled that Giving World has distributed the games to children who need them. Preserving the environment is important to us and we’re relieved to have a greener option for clearing space in our warehouse.”

Amy Griffiths, Child’s Play
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The information we require:

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  • Contact us with:
  • A list of items available, including quantities
  • Pictures of the items
  • The dimensions and estimated weight and value of the items
  • Any further instructions
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