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Stop a generation of children from falling into poverty.

Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives - Partner with Giving World

At Giving World, we work to solve two of the worst problems facing the UK today – poverty and landfill waste. By partnering with us, you can become a crucial player in our fight for the most vulnerable in our society, while at the same time reducing the tonnes of waste pouring into our country’s landfills every day. The cost of living crisis is having a catastrophic impact on both these problems. Your help has never been needed more.

By working together, we can turn things around right now. With your help, we can create lasting change through a range of exciting activities that both engage your employees and raise vital funds. Partnerships like these are mutually beneficial in that we believe in supporting you as much as you support us.

If you’d like to discuss the different ways that we could work with your organisation to help reduce poverty and landfill waste in the United Kingdom, please contact us now to get started.

Partner with Giving World to improve your company's CSR

How can you support us?

Donations from kind-hearted corporations help us help millions of the most vulnerable people across the UK

Make a Corporate Donation

Kind-hearted corporations are the backbone of Giving World. Without their contributions of surplus stock, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do. However, even if you don’t have surplus stock to spare, you can still help us help millions of the most vulnerable people across the UK, by making a corporate donation.

We can support you as you support us as your Charity of the Year

Choose Us As Your Charity Of The Year

By choosing us as your charity of the year, you get access to our highly-experienced and hugely-passionate team. They’ll be at hand to help you ensure you achieve your goals, however big or small. From fundraising activities, to corporate volunteering, we can support you, when you support us.

Donations of surplus stock from big-hearted businesses make a massive difference

Donate Your Surplus Stock

Our entire model is based on the big-hearted nature of thousands of businesses that donate their surplus stock every single day. If you have any surplus stock or essential goods that you would like to donate to people who are in desperate need of them, simply fill out the donation form and we’ll take care of the rest.

A £10 family pack provides essential items to people in poverty

Purchase A £10 Family Pack

Just £10 from you will allow us to distribute a box packed with essential cleaning products and toiletries. What might seem like trivial items, are absolutely crucial to people living in poverty. Just imagine the difference feeling clean and having a clean living space would make to the mental health of someone struggling to provide even these basics for their family.

See what's in the box