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Stop a generation of children from falling into poverty.

Skills training


GIFTED (Get Inspired For Training, Employment & Development) is a skills training programme for young people and adults with complex needs.

They make significant steps in their recovery by working as a team to process products for distribution to other vulnerable people.

GIFTED Skills training programmes help young people and adults with complex needs in their recovery


Basic Skills and Training in Employability skills

8 or 12 week programmes for 2 or 3 hours once per week, providing an opportunity to experience a working environment through processing donated products in a simulated warehouse. Up to 8 participants per cohort work as a team, gain confidence and connect to each other whilst engaging in a meaningful activity.

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What beneficiaries say

Kornel said of his work placement: ‘The experience gave me communication, team building and practical skills that I feel helped me to secure a job with Primark. When I was team leader I learnt how to treat other people and team working. I’ve wanted a paid job for a long time and am looking towards the future when I can support myself financially, live independently, have a home and a family.’

What our partners say

‘The experience perfectly suits all my students. They have all improved their skills, thoroughly enjoyed their time and have all asked for more work at Giving World. Jo and all peer mentors are brilliant in supporting my students and adapting to their needs.’

Elaine, Employability Support, West Gate School



Packing Saloon and Packing Lounge

Weekly volunteering sessions held at Giving World (Packing Lounge) and at Bradgate MHU, Glenfield Hospital (Packing Saloon).

Socialise, meet new people and gain confidence while engaging in a meaningful activity to process goods for distribution to vulnerable people.


What beneficiaries say

‘As an inpatient my confidence had been knocked. Packing Saloon helped me get to the next stage of applying for jobs and I recently graduated from the LPT Peer Support Training that I’d enrolled on through attending Packing Saloon. I’m now looking for work within mental health services.’


What our partners say

‘Sophie was very isolated before joining GIFTED. She’s become so much more confident and travels independently by bus now. She hopes to work eventually and I feel she’s really begun this process on GIFTED. I know Sophie wouldn’t attend if she didn’t feel it was benefiting her.’

Caroline, Employment Officer, Leicester City Council


Peer mentoring

Experts by Experience

Experts by Experience is a peer mentoring programme. ‘Experts’ further develop their skills, learning to take the lead and facilitate the GIFTED learning workshops, mentoring other participants, and creating peer support networks.


What beneficiaries say

Jenny Pike, Enablement Officer with Leicester City Council, referred Kamila to the Training in Employability Skills workshops as she wanted to return to work but was finding it difficult to leave her home. After completing 16 weeks of training Kamila progressed to Experts by Experience to develop peer mentoring skills and build up experience to include on her CV.

Jenny noticed that Kamila’s outlook was brighter as she became more confident over the weeks and regained her independence travelling to and from sessions on her own.

Kamila says of her experience on GIFTED: ‘It helped me be more active and motivated as I wasn’t going out before. I’ve also improved my ability to work in a group and I joined Experts by Experience as team leadership skills would be useful for me to return to full-time work in a warehouse.’

In less than 12 months Kamila achieved her goal, having now secured her second job in Leicestershire.

What our partners say

‘She’s blown me over; it’s really nice to see Kamila now presenting herself as a confident you woman. Motivated to come to Giving World: she never missed a session.’

Jenny, Enablement Officer, Leicester City Council