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Donate essential goods to people in need:

Surplus stock, surplus stock disposal

Leverage the power of surplus goods

Inspire community action

Fulfil essential needs

Transform lives

Gwo Register Impact

Any company can register to donate surplus stock, including branded items. We ensure 100% brand protection.

Your products will be passed on to help people in need – vulnerable children, families, elderly, homeless and others.

Your online account will give you access to an audit trail of who you have helped and how. Thank you!

You will also be able to see the volume of CO2e emissions you have saved from going to landfill.

Benefits to your business:

Save time and costs of handling, storage and disposal of surplus stock

You will save time, and the costs of handling, storage and surplus stock disposal. Whilst also helping with landfill waste reduction.

Corporation and VAT tax relief

You can qualify for Corporation and VAT tax relief on the cost of stock you’ve given away. Saving you more money!

Environmental and Corporate Social Responsibility goals

You’ll be achieving environmental and corporate social responsibility goals, and you can benefit from positive PR.

Help poverty, make a difference

You’ll be helping hundreds or thousands of people, children and families in need. Making a difference into their future.

What people need most:

Surplus stock required

Household goods, toiletries, stationery, food, clothing, books, toys, cleaning products.

Not accepted

Second hand products (except IT equipment and multi-use medical products).

Surplus stock required

Surplus stock, last season’s ranges, discontinued lines,
odd batches, samples, IT.

Not accepted

Hazardous goods, out of date products, used or badly damaged items.

The information we require:

Giving World question mark
  • Contact us with:
  • A list of items available, including quantities
  • Pictures of the items
  • The dimensions and estimated weight and value of the items
  • Any further instructions
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