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Stop a generation of children from falling into poverty.

Website relaunch

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Welcome to the month of June. No wonder we are all obsessed with the weather in the UK. May has been both sunny and apocalyptic all in one day.

While we hope for a less dramatic June weatherwise, we are gearing up for quite a big month. Firstly we are relaunching our shiny new website, simplifying our message to our core aim of acting against poverty in the UK, meanwhile streamlining our design and navigation.

You'll still be able to donate goods, money and request goods in the same way. Do let us know what you think HERE and if you have any questions.

That's not all that is happening in June; we are also launching our Christmas appeal. Every year we match toys, books and craft materials to young children who ordinarily get nothing at Christmas. There are currently 127,240 homeless children in the UK. Imagine all those children going into school after the holidays who haven't been 'good enough' for Santa to drop by with gifts. It's simply just heartbreaking.

So each year we appeal to you to donate to us, so we can make sure that our referral partners can get organised and make sure they can support their families. Usually our partners start making their requests in September, that’s why we start our appeal so early.

So if you can help by donating, you really will be making a life long difference to a child this Christmas. You can contact us HERE.

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