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Stop a generation of children from falling into poverty.

We are 20 years old

Giving World - 20 years of Acting on Poverty

This year is our 20th year.

We started out because 2 sisters were helping clear out an old print works in Leicester. It was closing down and there were huge bundles of paper that needed to be disposed of.

The sisters, Rama & Sujata, contacted local schools and asked if they could use the paper. The answer was a resounding and very grateful YES!

So the sisters carried on, finding surplus stock and distributing it to those that needed it the most.

Simply, nothing to waste, no one in need, was born. And that message is still true today, 20 years later.

In 2020 alone we helped 619,539 people in the UK who are facing poverty and hardship by providing 1.4m life essential items for free.

Things like:

  • long-life packaged food, clothing, toiletries, toys, activity sets and household products to low income families
  • warm clothing and blankets for elderly and homeless people
  • New non-contaminated clothes and anti-PPC moisturisers to NHS staff and other key workers

At the same time reducing CO2e emissions by 7,778 tonnes, the equivalent of saving 2.59 billion lightweight plastic bags from landfill. That’s just last year.

In 2020 we saw poverty climb alarmingly, with over 700 more frontline charities registering with us for goods than the previous year.

Thank you to all of our businesses that continue to donate to support our charities and, ultimately their beneficiaries. If you know of others who you think would benefit from all of the taxable and financial benefits of donating, please pass us on.

Thank you.