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Stop a generation of children from falling into poverty.

Making every day a special day

Lilly Rose

Every day should be a special day for a child. Feeling loved, not scared, and have a stable home-life are all things many of us take for granted.

That's not the case for many children in the UK, especially the children whose families are homeless, have acute financial need, or are fleeing violent homes and other abusive situations.

So we've teamed up with a charity in Burton on Trent, to ensure that these children can have a special day. It might be their birthday or a special event even. On these days the charity gives a gift box to a child whose family would be unable to do this for them.

Giving World is supplying a whole range of donated goods from our partners to fill the boxes throughout the year. Donor partners including BrownTrout, Sockshop, 2 Little Boys, MDA, Sheldon Baby Clothes & Bedding, Stylewise, Gazelle Sports, Mantis World, Babe-equip and Tommee Tippee have supplied brand new business surplus, like hats, gloves, scarves, sports clothing, toys, games, notebooks, reading books, picture calendars, make up, jewellery, stationery and much more.

Business surplus is natural wastage for nearly all businesses and would generally end up in UK landfill, so it's been amazing that we can ensure that a child is made to feel special at least one day a year with these products.

Referrals for goods are received from local agencies across Burton on Trent, Measham, Swadlincote, Lichfield and Rugeley. We work with the charity and receive referrals from organisations such as the Y.M.C.A, food banks and other child and family support agencies.

The families helped all have problems including financial, one parent families and families where abuse and violence caused the situation they find themselves in.

Lilly Rose (pictured) was delighted with her gift box which included this cuddly toy.

If you have business surplus that could make a child like Lilly Rose smile and feel special for a day, please get in contact with Bindu on 0116 251 9777 or email: