Demand for life essentials supplies has escalated.

The number of people in need has increased due to health and economic impacts. The requirements of people in need has expanded due to lockdown restrictions and COVID-19 dangers.

We continue to deliver essential supplies of food, hygiene items, baby products, art and craft materials, bedding and clothing, easing the effects of the crisis for vulnerable children and families, the medically shielded, hospital patients, key workers, the elderly and many more:

“I lost my job in March and wasn’t eligible for the furlough scheme. I’d reached breaking point, slowly getting into depression. A local centre brought me essential food items, a craft box to keep the children busy and some toiletries, all items from Giving World. It was such a relief, I cried! My children were so happy with their amazing crafts box. I can’t tell you how much it means to us.”

Beatrice, single mother of three

“I recently found myself in the shielded group due to a cancer diagnosis. Due to chemo I wasn’t able to leave the house and my 17-year-old son was not allowed to leave either due to my illness.

“As soon as I asked for help, I received a care package which had extremely helpful items from a charity called Giving World.

“The care package included food items,  a warm duvet and pillow. I was over the moon. This made a difference to me as it meant that I had food and other essential items and didn’t have to leave the house.”

Michelle, Durham

“We have received the Boxes you have sent us. On behalf of the ICU staff, myself and my Matron, we would like to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH and we really appreciate the t-shirts and sweatshirt you have given us. This will be a big help to our staff who work so hard to look after critically ill patients. In our unit we are looking after confirmed COVID patients and we encourage staff to take a shower and change their clothes after their shift to ensure that they go home clean. God bless you all.”

ICU Sister, Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS.

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