• Volunteering

Weekly volunteering sessions helping vulnerable adults to engage in a meaningful activity.

Packing Saloon

Packing Saloon is a drop-in session at Bradgate MHU, Glenfield Hospital. Socialise, meet new people and gain confidence while processing care packs for use by patients in hospitals around the UK.

What beneficiaries say

‘As an inpatient my confidence had been knocked. Packing Saloon helped me get to the next stage of applying for jobs and I recently graduated from the LPT Peer Support Training that I’d enrolled on through attending Packing Saloon. I’m now looking for work within mental health services.’


Susan with her LPT Peer Support Training certificate

What our partners say

‘Packing Saloon provides an off ward activity to build up patient confidence and help others. It gives a sense of purpose – they enjoy giving back to the service and making a difference to those in need.’

OT, Bennion Centre, Bradgate MHU

Packing Lounge

Packing Lounge is a drop-in session at Giving World LE1.
Socialise, meet new people and gain confidence while processing surplus items donated by business, supporting deprived communities in the UK.

What beneficiaries say

‘We work together as a team, helping each other out and meeting new people.’ Sohail

‘I like helping people, knowing that the products go to a good cause.’ Jordan

‘It gets me into a routine.’ Philip

‘I really enjoy Packing Lounge.’ Adam

Jestej at one of Giving World's Packing Lounge sessions

What our partners say

‘Packing Lounge helps our clients to build trust and then they want to do other things. If they are comfortable here I can help them to progress, especially with social skills but also other life skills and confidence.’

Employment Officer, Leicester City Council

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