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Jordan’s Success Story

Jordan, a participant in Giving World's GIFTED Skills Programme, who now has a job

“My personal goals were to improve my confidence. Also, my leadership skills but that can only come from improved confidence. I feel that GIFTED has helped my leadership skills and taking control. My mum recently commented that I was confident when she overheard me talking on the phone. Having emailed my CV I am waiting for an interview for an IT apprenticeship. I’d also like to continue to support the programmes at Giving World.” Jordan

Since improving confidence and leadership skills at Giving World, Jordan secured a job in a warehouse, achieved Level 2 Painting & Decorating, volunteered at Barnardo’s, completed an IT Diploma and is now volunteering at E2 as an IT Technician. In the future Jordan would like to do an apprenticeship in business administration and get his driving licence.

Laura’s Success Story

‘Experts by Experience has helped me tremendously in the wider world by not being afraid. I have learnt to be adaptable, talk to new people and not be worried. I’ve learnt how to help people with difficulties and having my own difficulties has led me to be more understanding. Giving World is a safe, comfortable and well supported environment and has enabled me to deal with the unknown and show me what I can achieve. In the future I would like to do more volunteering or a part time job.’ Laura (pictured left)

Laura is now a learning support assistant for adults with learning difficulties on Leicestershire County Council courses.

Laura, a participant in Giving World's GIFTED Skills Programme, now a learning support assistant

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