• Peer Mentoring

Experts by Experience is a 40 week peer mentoring programme. ‘Experts’ further develop their skills, learning to take the lead and facilitate the GIFTED learning workshops, mentoring other participants, and creating peer support networks.

Experts by Experience

What our beneficiaries say

This is Kamila.

Kamila, one of our GIFTED participants, who has secured a job in Leicestershire

Jenny Pike, Enablement Officer with Leicester City Council, referred Kamila to the Training in Employability Skills workshops as she wanted to return to work but was finding it difficult to leave her home. After completing 16 weeks of training Kamila progressed to Experts by Experience to develop peer mentoring skills and build up experience to include on her CV.

Jenny noticed that Kamila’s outlook was brighter as she became more confident over the weeks and regained her independence travelling to and from sessions on her own.

Kamila says of her experience on GIFTED: ‘It helped me be more active and motivated as I wasn’t going out before. I’ve improved skills like time-keeping which was important for me as I was only sleeping at home and I wasn’t doing anything. I’ve also improved my ability to work in a group and I joined Experts by Experience as team leadership skills would be useful for me to return to full-time work in a warehouse.’

In less than 12 months Kamila achieved her goal, having now secured her second job in Leicestershire.

What our partners say

‘She’s blown me over; it’s really nice to see Kamila now presenting herself as a confident young woman. Motivation was a huge challenge for Kamila but she was motivated to come to Giving World: she never missed a session.’

Jenny, Enablement Officer, Leicester City Council

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