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Basic Skills or Training in Employability Skills, processing donated products, developing confidence, motivation, communication and teamwork skills in a fully supported, simulated warehouse environment.

Basic Skills

An 8 Week programme for 2 hours once per week, providing an opportunity to experience a working environment through processing donated products in a simulated warehouse. Up to 8 participants per cohort work as a team, gain confidence and connect to each other whilst engaging in a meaningful activity. The environment is fully supported.

What beneficiaries say

18 year old Kornel attends West Gate special needs school in Leicester. Along with his peer group Kornel joined the GIFTED basic skills 8 week workshops. He said: ‘The experience gave me communication, team building and practical skills that I feel helped me to secure a job with Primark. When I was team leader for a session I learnt how to treat other people and team working. I also learnt to listen to instructions, how to sort and fold clothes. I have wanted a paid job for a long time and am looking towards the future when I can support myself financially, live independently and have a home and a family.’



What our partners say

‘The experience perfectly suits all my students – they have all improved their skills, thoroughly enjoyed their time and have all asked for more work at Giving World. Jo and all the peer mentors are brilliant in supporting my students and adapting to their needs.’

Elaine, Employability Support, West Gate School

Training in Employability Skills

A 16 Week programme for 3 hours once per week, processing donated products and preparing for work. The programme focuses on developing work-based skills such as time-keeping, leadership, personal responsibility, problem solving and CV writing in a fully supported, simulated warehouse environment.

What beneficiaries say

Jane had faced traumatic life events that left her almost unable to leave her home. Following encouragement from her City Council Enablement support worker, Jane joined the GIFTED 16 week skills programme. She said: ‘The 16 week programme I was on was very helpful to me because it gave me confidence and strength which I didn’t have when I started coming to Giving World. I couldn’t go outside or talk to anyone. It has kept me active. I can see myself in the next 2 or 3 years doing something better than I believed I was capable of before I joined Giving World.’


Gifted Participant

What our partners say

‘Giving World gave Jane the opportunity to do things in a safe environment around people who cared. Being in a team built her confidence and she realised she could do more than she thought. Jane’s blossomed, is completely confident and is now living her life.’

Caroline, Employment Officer, Leicester City Council

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