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Community Clusters:

Community Clusters are networks made up of 3 to 5 not for profit community groups/charities, located within a 5 mile radius of each other. By partnering together you can share the cost of transporting business surplus goods for your communities. Not only do Community Clusters make our service much more affordable for everyone involved, by collaborating together you can also share knowledge and learning – all for community benefit.

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Leverage the power of surplus goods

Inspire community action

Fulfil essential needs

Transform lives

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How it works:

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Register your interest. We’ll then connect you to other organisations in your area and your Community Cluster is all set to go.

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Communicate with your Cluster members to plan when you need the goods. The more organisations involved, the more you save.

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Each Cluster member requests the products you need individually. But one joint delivery is made to your Cluster’s delivery location.

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Once delivered, each Cluster member collects their individually labelled goods/cartons from the delivery location. Simple!

Benefits to your organisation

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Save money! The goods are free, the only cost is delivery. With 5 organisations in a Cluster, you could be saving up to 80% on delivery costs.

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Don’t have enough storage space? You can still request goods and collect from other members in your Cluster, who can temporarily store for you.

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Pool your resources, share knowledge and learning by connecting to organisations in your area that you might not have come across before.

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Create a strong community voice. By collaborating we all achieve more for less, and increase our resilience to tackle community challenges.

Join or start a Community Cluster

Register your interest here. A member of the team will contact you with more information.

And don’t forget to encourage other organisations to sign up too. The more involved – the greater the impact.

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