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Receive essential goods for the people you support:

Group Of Women

Leverage the power of surplus goods

Inspire community action

Fulfil essential needs

Transform lives

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What to do:

1. Register

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Complete the registration form – we will let you know if we need more information from your organisation, and when your account is active.

2. Request

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Request items for beneficiaries. Let us know exactly how they will be used. We may not be able to allocate all items, especially high demand goods.

3. Select Delivery

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All the goods in your basket are free but you’ll get an estimated delivery cost. Or there’s no charge at all if you can collect from our Leicester warehouse.

4. Receive goods for your beneficiaries

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You can now pass on the goods to beneficiaries. Remember to collect beneficiary feedback when the goods are distributed, forms are provided. Thank you!

Who can join:

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Rules for joining:

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The goods are for your organisation’s beneficiaries only. If other organisations could also benefit, get them to sign up.

Gwo No Access

Goods cannot be sold or used for fundraising. Sorry. We promise our donors that this will never happen, so please don’t.

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Again – products are for your beneficiaries only! Please don’t take or use them for personal or volunteer use – no matter how tempting.

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Goods are for when people need them, so please don’t request large numbers that you don’t need. Other people need them too.

Items available on our website:

Items available on the product list are absolutely free! You will receive a weekly ‘latest items’ alert to let you know what’s new in. The goods are usually located at our warehouse in Leicester. These can be collected or posted to you at cost.

Browse the product list. Once you’ve seen something you need, click on it to see it more details, then add to basket.

Then, tell us all about how the product will be used, and who it is for. The more detail, the better!

Fill in the delivery information, unless you’re collecting the goods. Remember, the only cost for the entire service is for delivery or collection.

And… checkout! It won’t be long before the goods are in your hands, ready for distribution to your beneficiaries!

Items available through special e-mail alerts:

From time to time we will send a ‘special alert’ email. The email will contain details of products not listed in the Products List.

When you receive a ‘special alert’ email containing products you need for your beneficiaries, follow the link for the items and fill out the request form. We will use the information you provide to allocate goods among interested organisations.

We often have more requests than items available, so unfortunately it might be that sometimes items are not allocated to your organisation.

Some of the things we take into account during the allocation process are:

• The donor’s wishes and guidelines
• The need expressed by requesting organisations
• The quantity of items available