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What we do:

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Giving World (formerly Giving World Online) is a registered charity. We partner with busy companies to redirect their new business end-of-line, discontinued and surplus stock to the most deprived communities in the UK, working through a network of partner charities.

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Our Theory of Change:

A pallet of goods - Donate surplus stock for Corporate Social Responsibility and Wast reduction
A gift - free goods for charities
Gifts for Children
Help poverty

Our vision and values

Our Vision: 

A society in which no one is in want because nothing is wasted.

The bigger picture – The bigger picture is that our world requires all of us to think differently about how society works. UK business today generates huge surplus. 22% of the UK population lives officially below the poverty line. By sourcing and using surplus we can help individuals caught in poverty stand on their own two feet. There is an historic opportunity to make a difference. We want to write history.

Our values:

Do Good: At the heart of our organisation is a single purpose, to reach people in need at their time of need.

People: We believe in valuing people, our partners and communities; and celebrating their contributions.

Believe: All great things start with a simple idea, passions and belief.

Our ideology: To cut across barriers of need and want, empowering the ‘haves’ to work together to help the lives of the ‘have-nots’


Two sisters, Rama and Sujata, discovered pallets of paper about to be thrown away. They connected with children’s groups and schools who could use the paper. Konnect9 was born.


In seven years, Konnect9 redistributed 200 tonnes of goods, worth £1.5 million. But there was limited warehouse space. The solution came in 2008 with Giving World Online.


Relaunched as givingworld.org.uk. Annually over 300,000 UK people living in hardship benefit from over 1 million business surplus products, saving 000’s of tonnes of CO2e emissions from landfill.


Winners 2017: Sujata and Rama win Women in Business Award for Contribution to the Community.

Winners 2010: Unltd/Nominet Betternet award.

Highly Commended 2010: The Beacon Fellowship Awards.

Winners 2009: Leicestershire Women in the Community and Leicestershire First Awards.

Winners 2009: The Green Life Award, Best Environmental Contribution by a charity.

Finalists 2009: The Guardian Charity Awards.